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Introduction to Driver Education

The main reason for owning a Porsche is to drive it, and what better way to drive it than in the company of fellow Porsche drivers!

Rennsport offers a unique structure that allows members to improve their driving skills in controlled and safe environment with highly competent instructors. The basic principles are explained during theory sessions. We also offer many events to put in application the theory; they are the ground school, autocross or driving events.

Theory Session

It’s important that every driver understands the theory of driving. Furthermore any member who wants to participate in a DE for the first time should make it mandatory to attend this course. Also, the day will be split in two groups:

The morning session will cover the basics of driving and the afternoon will be used to discuss advanced techniques and introduce Calabogie (The location, The track, The corners, How to drive it…). The afternoon session is highly recommended to anybody wanting to drive Calabogie.

The objective is to cover the theory and provide a place where the driver can exchange their experiences. All the theory sessions are FREE.

Practice session

The practice session (Ground school) allows drivers to put in practice the principles learnt during the theory sessions. Drivers will practice their newly acquired skills through many basic exercises (emergency lane change, threshold braking, slalom) then will drive at low speed accompanied with an instructor to experiment the basic driving principles.

The ground school is normally held on a road course circuit.

Check the calendar for the upcoming groundschool dates.

This session starts at 8:00 with the exercise and the afternoon is reserved for on track driving (with instructors) at low speed. No special preparation (no helmet, no fire extinguisher) is required and you can come with any vehicle. The lunch is supplied.

It’s highly recommended for all novices to follow the theory session provided
in Montreal or Ottawa before coming to the Ground school!

To get the most from the Theory and Practice sessions we strongly recommend that your read the Student Manual that can be found in the menu above. To read this manual you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Introduction to Driver Education (DE)

In many members’ minds, the most enjoyable events in the club are driver education events. These events offer members a great opportunity to learn more about their driving and the physics of car behaviour in the relatively safe environment of a closed road course.

Experienced club instructors emphasize skill development and practice, while maintaining a high level of safety and self-control. Each year the region offers a number of events that take place on the famous Le Circuit at Mont-Tremblant north of Montreal, Calabogie Motorsport, St-Eustache, Sanair and ICAR racetracks. Although these are racetracks, these events are not about racing or speed for the sake of speed. They are about having fun and improving your driving skills in a safe, closed environment.

Members who plan on coming out to a driving event are strongly encouraged to attend one of our free driving theory sessions held in the early spring in Montreal, Quebec, and Ottawa. (Preference will be given to members who attend theory and practice sessions ground school.)

If you’re a new member and just want to see what all the fun is about, but you’re not quite sure about the whole idea, novice schools are also held at the end of the event first day (if time is permitting). These schools do not put your car on the track, but give you some principles from the longer ground school (above) with an introductory ride in an instructor’s car to demonstrate the principles. This is a great way to experience the track and the company of fellow Porsche drivers.

Rennsport is by no means the only region in PCA that offers driver education sessions. Indeed, many members visit other regions and partake at their events, particularly those held at the nearby venues of Mosport and Watkins Glen. (The Zone 1 48 Hours of Watkins Glen).

In return, many PCA members from other regions come to Mont-Tremblant. Last year saw many events sold out well before the closing date, so please register early to avoid disappointment.

Registration Procedure

Rennsport will use, like most of PCA.  If you have signed up for events at Watkin’s Glen you’ll know about it, in fact if you registered for events with CVR or NER at Le Circuit you had no choice but to use it. is an online automated system which lets you find and register for events in almost all the regions of PCA.  Once you have created an account and filled in your information registering for an event with Rennsport or another PCA region takes only a few seconds.

Here’s an idea of how it works :

1.    Using your browser, go to
2.    If this is your first time, you’ll need to create an account. Simply pick a user-name and a password. Push the “create” button.  If the name is already in use, you’ll be told, and you can try another one.
3.    Then, you need to create your profile. Click on the Edit Profile button. You’ll see a number of options. Fill in your Personal Info. That’s your name, phone number, email and so on.  Then your car info, driving experience (resume) emergency contacts etc. Be sure to fill in your car number used for DE. If you are a new comer and don’t have a number, one will be assigned to you.
4.    Now you’re ready to register ! Use the “Search for events” button and pick Rennsport from the list of clubs/organizations. You will see details on all our events. Signing up is a simple as selecting an event and pressing a few buttons.
5.    Note the dates of the event and the closing date – that’s the last day you can register for the event.  You can sign up for any event that’s open and your account will be charged only about 5 weeks before the event itself.   This is a good way to reserve a place at future events.

This year, registration for any event will open roughly 60 days before the event.
Once you have received your confirmation, there will be no reimbursement if you have to cancel.

It pays to register early since last season several events at Le Circuit sold out rather quickly.

You’ll notice that when you register, you won’t be able to pay for the event(s). Don’t panic! Around five weeks before the event, you’ll receive an email asking you to go back to Clubregistration and pay for the event. At that time you’ll see the option and you’ll be able to pay with a credit card.  All charges are in Canadian dollars.

We hope you enjoy the new system and the money you’re saving !

Rennsport Drivers Education (DE) event Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you read, understand, and accept the General Terms & Conditions before completing your registration. Please direct any questions to

DE’s are NOT timed events and NOT race practices. All timing and timing devices are strictly forbidden.

  1. The use of a SNELL 2015 (SA) or SNELL 2020 (SA) certified helmet is required to participate in Driver Education events. Open or closed face at driver’s option.

    1. SNELL Foundation Helmets rated: SA2015 or SA2020 (recommended)
    2. FIA8859 Homologation helmets are equivalent to SNELL SA2020 certifications
    3. Equivalent British Standards Institute (BSI): BS6658-85 type A/FR
    4. Equivalent SFI Foundation Inc. Helmets rated: SFI 31.1A

  2. A roll bar for Cabriolets is required except Boxster, 996 and 997 or newer Cabriolets; they can run as shipped by the factory. All sunroofs must be closed and T-tops have their panels in place.
  3. Long pants and lace up shoes are required. Avoid synthetic materials. 100% cotton and/or “Nomex” garments are recommended.
  4. Similar safety system (Seats, harness, roll bar, installation…) must be available for both driver and passenger.
  5. Only an instructor or their student may be a passenger in a car. Participants must be 18 years old or more and have a valid driver’s license.
  6. Participants may have a work assignment during each event. Any participant who is late or fails to perform their work assignment will be penalized.
  7. The use of drugs is strictly prohibited. No alcohol open on the site until after 5 PM. Do not consume alcohol at lunch if off site.
  8. Rennsport reserves the right to refuse any entrant’s event registration, and to expel any entrant during the event without reason.
  9. Registration closes seven calendar days prior to the event.
  10. No refunds will be processed unless cancellation is made via Clubregistration no later than 2 weeks before the event start date.
  11. The DE is restricted to Porsche vehicles. Other brands may be permitted as defined by the event organizers.
  12. Participants should verify with their auto insurance company about coverage during a DE.
  13. Participants agree to use photos, images and video footage taken at the trackresponsibly and in accordance with local, provincial, and federal privacy laws. Personal information in all images and recordings MUST be removed prior to any posting on social media platforms. All images and recordings are for personal use ONLY and cannot be used for direct or indirect commercial purposes. Photos, images and video footage of an accident are STRICTLY PROHIBITED and CANNOT be posted on any Social Media. The participant of any such posts shall be liable to pay Le Circuit the amounts for liquidated damages as defined in the contract between Rennsport and Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant.
  14. The use of UAVs (also known as drones) at the Track, the Other Facilities, and anywhere on the property of the race is track is STRICKLY PROHIBITED. Any individual refusing to suspend UAV usage maybe expulsed from the event at the sole discretion of event organizers. The UAV operator shall be held responsible for any and all damages caused directly or indirectly by the use of a UAV.
  15. By submitting your registration, you certify that you have a valid drivers’ license and no physical or mental problems, which might jeopardize yourself or others if you participate in these events.
  16. Tremblant has adopted a noise limit restriction not to exceed 92DB measured track side at 50 feet. It’s the driver’s responsibility to conform to the restriction and any car judged to exceed the limit may not be allowed to participate. There are no refunds should a car be excluded for excessive noise restrictions.
  17. Drivers are financially responsible for any and all track damages they cause. Rennsport will be invoiced by the track management. Drivers agree to reimburse Rennsport for invoiced track incurred damages no later than 60 days after issuance of a damages invoice.
  18. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles’ windows can be opened to enable point by passing. No refunds in the event that a vehicle does not meet this requirement.
  19. Drivers must be able to deactivate active safety features like emergency lane change warnings and emergency braking systems.

Essential documentation

In this section you will find essential documents and links to help you in getting the most from you participation in our Driver Education Events. All our documents are in Acrobat PDF format. To read these documents you will need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Technical Inspection Form
You must have your car inspected by an apposed garage. You will find the form and the Rennsport authorized inspectors in the menu above

Registration package
You will receive this package from the registrar when you are accepted. It contains all pertinent information for your attendance to the event.

Rennsport Official Driving Manual (See menu above. English version)
Essential reading to participate in our driving events. Your instructor will, without doubt, ask you some questions about it. Written in collaboration by Bob Rouleau, Rob Martin and Marc Bélanger.

Hotels – Tremblant
Station Mont-Tremblant usually offers group pricing for members who want to stay around for DE events. See hotels info in the menu above.

The rates are valid for the allocated period of the package. Tremblant is extending the same rates for member who wants to extend their stay before or after the event.

Rates are quoted by unit, not by person. The group of room is held up to 30 days before each event, after this period, there could be an availability problem.

We recommend early reservation. Reservation, cancellation and deposit policies are included with the reservation forms.

The reserved hotel this year is La Tour des Voyageurs, which is air-conditioned, and offers indoor parking and a pool.